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Na Hang Hunan " material benefit goes out row " course of special offer airline
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"Material benefit goes out row " from yesterday (10) since day, begin hot warm up. The substantial airline ticket of course of flying Chengdu of flying Shanghai, Changsha is less than popular Changsha one hour to be grabbed to order one sky, and grab the reader that orders Changsha flying Shenzhen and airline ticket of Guangzhou special offer to also achieve what one wishes mostly. Enjoy to let more readers " material benefit goes out row " pay, after classics and branch of Na Hang Hunan are communicated, from this period begin, "Material benefit goes out row " line of airline ticket of column purpose special offer adds 12 by 6 original.

"Material benefit goes out row " the column rolls out time to still come for weekly Tuesday on Saturday. In the meantime, grab order period of time by original daily 8:00 - 11:00, adjust 9:00 - 11:00, and promote the substantial airline ticket before book before today, adjust book to 6 days to shift to an earlier date 2 days, please everybody is grabbing the attention when ordering time.

Yesterday, numerous reader is right " material benefit goes out row " the enthusiastic support of the column and attention warm up quickly, let us " material benefit goes out row " column staff member has bit of hurry-scurry really: The notes is the detailed information, time that checks every reader is hit into morning paper hotline, certain scratch the reader list that orders a success, deliver list to airline, give each doing not have to grab the reader that orders a success to reply...

"New store " open business, a few little detail are not quite perfect still, expect with what everybody awaits agog return existence difference, after so that several readers are being grabbed,ordering the special offer airline ticket that admire in the heart, the 0731-5571188 of news hot line that ground of too impatient to wait dials us many times, the inquiry takes the relevant case of the ticket. We in order to notice these little detail, will make improve, so that be wide readership better,serve. Believe to be below enthusiastic support of everybody, "Material benefit goes out row " the service that gives authority can be done weller.

Relevant controller introduces ministry of sale of Na Hang market, as only cooperation media, they will ensure the reader is passed " material benefit goes out row " the airline ticket that the column orders beforehand is lower than price of the common channel that buy a ticket 2 fold the left and right sides.

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