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Chongqing flies on price of sea airline ticket to drop to 300 yuan of small ham
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Be in aviation off-season, add fly together 4 airline of a course were not reached consistent, up to yesterday (10 days) , the plane the price of a ticket of Chongqing flying Shanghai already lay forcedly under the train express of consummate sea the price. The airline ticket cost price of Chongqing flying Shanghai is 1490 yuan, hit 2 after folding, only 300 yuan. Although add the airport to build cost, fuel expenses, also just 450 yuan. And the fare that the train express hard keep down that goes to Shanghai from Chongqing spreads is 490 yuan.

Begin last week, chongqing decides to alliance of Shanghai course price 4 fold a bottom line to be broken through, appeared 3 fold, to yesterday, was to appear more 2 lose airline ticket. According to bound of Chongqing civil aviaton a personage discloses, 1 day mixes 8 days this month, each airline is coordinated twice did not succeed, next week 3 the likelihood is coordinated the 3rd times. But to coordinating the effect, the personage inside course of study does not cherish a hope. "Transport power is surplus, and it is off-season, price war hard to avoid erupts. " the personage inside one course of study says. It is reported, chongqing flies on the sea everyday 12 airliners.

At present Chongqing reachs Beijing, Kunming to wait for course, appeared generally 3 lose airline ticket. Also have to Guangzhou, Shenzhen many 4 lose airline ticket. According to speculation of public figure of civil aviaton group, coordinate hard inside a week of this kind of circumstance come down. If want to understand prices change in time, but with our newspaper 966966 connection seek advice.

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