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Dong Hang rolls out Lanzhou to reach Shenzhen ticket of course special offer is
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Branch of boat Gansu Province comes from November 8 east on November 23 (it is with airliner date accurate) roll out Lanzhou -- Shenzhen is one-way 390 yuan, round-trip 780 yuan. Fare is very favourable. Because be especially favourable fare, the amount of especially favourable fare of every airliner is accordingly limited, the guest that need buys a ticket asks as soon as possible to buy.

Additional, this fare is applied to medicinal powder guest, group. To children, on business the soldier that cause damage, on business sends the special fare such as incomplete police to repeat no longer enjoy privilege. Infantile ticket presses the 10% section addition that announces carry to add. This ticket if round-trip, among them if a paragraph of range already was used, criterion hind a paragraph of range is same buy do not get return a ticket.

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