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Price of lukewarm city airline ticket is average only 3 fold a flower 390 yuan c
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The flower can buy Wen Zhou 390 yuan to reach Beijing 2.5 lose airline ticket, and the airline ticket lowest of consummate sea has 210 yuan only, reaching Guangzhou is 320 yuan, to Chengdu be 460 yuan... begin this month, wen Zhou only then the price of each course airline ticket of hair begins comprehensive big diving, average discount is maintained in 3 fold the left and right sides, organic ticket agent was hit even " plane ticket challenges a train ticket " catchword.

Current, market of aviation of lukewarm state city is in lowest of past years of discount of airline ticket whole, the situation with most whole of low ballot measure.

All-around propagandist low ticket

Know to let more people airline ticket value plunges, agent of each airline ticket of city of Wen Zhouyong strong airport, airline, lukewarm state all undertake extensive conduct propaganda through all sorts of channel: Mobile phone short message group hair, send website of card, media and QQ to the industrial district group conduct propaganda, advertisement is published to compare Zhejiang in this locality media the fare of 3 big airports, in Wen Zhouzhou the media of border district area carries low bill message...

Saturday, airport respect still will loosen in the urban district stage square sets booth, publicize the low ticket information of new airliner schedule and near future to the citizen. Ground of such in a big way publicizes low ticket, head bout still is for strong to Wen Zhouyong airport.

Outside dividing the airport, agent of each airline ticket of lukewarm state city also does not have at a loose end, outside dividing the ad that makes low bank note in great quantities, agent still issues card to railway station and station, publicize low ticket.

Airliner density is increased is advocate because of

This companion appears low ticket as new airliner schedule. After implementing new airliner schedule, the aviation transport power of Wen Zhouyong strong airport increases greatly, increase 20 many flight numbers on average than in the past every week. If Guangzhou line increases 3 flight numbers one day, shanghai line adds 4 airliners one day to wait.

As only then the airliner density of hair is increased, fare nature was reduced, plus be worth at present off-season, each airline begins to have price war on same line. For instance, shanghai line has 12 flight numbers one day, added an in part than before, aviation of boat of Dong Hang, country, Shanghai Airline, age comparatives 4 times this in the competition of Shanghai line intense. Came 8 days on November 1, this circuitry some a few airliners everyday carry passenger number actually to have 50 only - 70 people, occupy a nucleus to carry the 1/3 of several about, low fare adds low guest rate to make airline is in severe loss condition.

Travel is long term quote is reduced

A large number of occurrence of low ticket, it is a good news for certain to broad passenger. And airport respect, fare is lower, the competition ability that its compare with train car photograph is stronger, this also is the matter that the airport publicizes low actively. In recent years passenger flow measures Wen Zhouyong strong airport to rise steadily, this year 1 to passenger handling capacity already broke through 2.5 million person-time October. But strong airport front is facing Wen Zhouyong provincial of Ning Bo airport step by step press hard on, enlarge passenger source ceaselessly only, ability maintains the position of the second. The near future, wen Zhouyong strong airport has some of line leave a port the quantity increases somewhat, but because be passenger transport off-season, on the whole, buy ticket crowd or slant relatively little.
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