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Macao aviation rolls out a variety of airline ticket privilege to celebrate batt
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Macao airline is congratulatory commerce battalion to carry 11 years, roll out privilege of multinomial airline ticket to plan, pass on a society, include to buy send one, the plan such as better privilege.

Macao airline expresses, since Macao airline threw commercial battalion to carry 1995 oneself, get the support of government of Macao special zone and broad dweller for a long time. Macao airline is begun to roll out a series of airline ticket privilege to plan by tomorrow, pass on a society. Include to be in Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Xiamen, Taipei and Bangkok course, roll out business affairs cabin to buy send one privilege, reach buy airline ticket to cover even public house of 5 stars class the bill with indulgence price; Altogether 65 years old above better, by came on November 9 the trip that all Beijing, Hua Dong, Xiamen, Manila, Taiwan or Bangkok and other places attend during December 8 is round, can enjoy discount privilege.

Additional, macao airline is rolled out in Beijing course " one person price two people swim together " airline ticket privilege, on November 9 two groups of words are birthday or Id number finally " 11 " dweller, can enjoy afore-mentioned favourable extra discounts. Macao airline expresses to meet " take all societies, with all societies " , future still can roll out more to pass on favourable plan of the society.

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