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Shenzhen two travel agent " glamour winter swims " highest depreciate even more
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The compartment there is old east the door " buy 100 send 108 " Shang Zhangang cease all activities, compartment travels here " big reduction sale " sales promotion activity namely ablaze come on stage. On November 6, force of Shenzhen China nation and force of Shenzhen aviation nation announce at the same time, between the about 100 climate before this day removes the Spring Festival, manage to its tens of home swims the travel price of circuit undertakes adjustment, partial route price is compared ferial reduce 2000 multivariate, partial route depreciates extent is made an appointment with 50% . The personage inside course of study says, shenzhen mainstream travel agent adopts such measure to have sales promotion, what its involve line is wide, the length of time, all travel for Shenzhen the market is unprecedented.

Highest depreciate 2000 multivariate

It is reported, this force of Shenzhen aviation nation is brought into " glamour winter swims " the travel line that has sales promotion is 34, advocate the route that choose, for instance fierce smooths hill, Inner Mongolia depreciate extent is achieved 50% , specific line, like Xinjiang You Biping day dropped 2000 multivariate; Depreciate little circuitry also reduced 100 yuan. Force of Shenzhen China nation makes the circuitry that the price adjusts be 24, the price of partial route and force of deep boat nation are identical, but, one is called " yellow Shan Jiulong waterfall Tang Heng 4 days of Shuang Fei " circuit did not drop not only, symbolistic instead raised a few yuan. Liu Zhen of general manager of travel of Shenzhen aviation nation says, the product component that rolls out this is " 99 " long (namely price odd amount in addition to the round number is " 99 " circuit) and northwest amorous feelings swims, southwest folk-custom swims, Hua Na lies fallow swim, countryside of swimming of Hua Dong sightseeing swims, China. Chen Xubin of general manager of department of travel of home of force of Shenzhen China nation says, minutes of this price one's style of work as well as one's moral quality is whole sort, one kind is seasonal " cold line " , that is to say, arrived this is seasonal, general tourist won't choose to want the line that go, for instance Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, this kind of price is reduced more; The 2nd kind of type is by analogy " lukewarm line " , namely on the tradition circuitry of not cold lukewarm, for instance Beijing, Hua Dong, this kind of price was reduced, but range is not big; Still one is plant is " spruce line " , the popular line that leaves immediately, for instance Hainan, criterion the price not only do not fall, likely still slowly upgrade attune.

Low of travel agent acceptance is not low qualitative

Low, travel in Shenzhen and even China the market is not a new issue, become the target that the government sector hits even under the travel price of cost. So, the sales promotion activity that this two famous travel agent roll out Shenzhen, the character that its travel whether can with before depreciating, keep consistent? To this, liu Zhen expresses, depreciate this sales promotion activity is receive company cooperation with airline and ground, use the airliner resource of airline, activation is off-season travel market, achieve win more. In this activity, airline is not simple ground depreciates to the public dozen fold, the product that carries travel agent however will increase its cold line transport power; In the meantime, the ground is received also just make a part yield benefit with travel agent. Accordingly, low won't be brought about low qualitative. Chen Xubin says, the tourist joins such viatic group, the primary quality of its go on a journey can assure. It is the ground above all receive a respect eat, live, the standard of travel and it is same so, that is to say, should use what kind of car, should take a few course, should live what kind of hotel is waited a moment, still mix same before. But, specific line place wants the tourist attraction that goes looking around, the likelihood can be made local adjust, for instance, tourist attraction entrance ticket may change to be included so it is inside League membership dues at one's own expenses, perhaps reduce individual tourist attraction, etc. To this, the explanation says Chen Xubin, the company is right in each pieces of contract specific journey and standard have designation, as long as it is the some in the contract, can carry out by the standard, won't reduce ask or " jerry " . The original intention of travel agent is, invite benefit visitor through this activity, polished brand, the tourist should have hope to this.
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