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Shenzhen flying Shanghai wants discount of airline ticket of 350 yuan of home to
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Innovation of discount of domestic airline ticket is low, case of domestic travel expense follows suit " diving "

Buy the flying airline ticket that flies on the sea from Shenzhen last month even 840 yuan, and it is OK to spend 350 yuan only now. Reporter yesterday (6) day understands from website of center of Wu of ticket of Shenzhen town much home, journey, set out by Shenzhen the airline ticket lowest of consummate sea, Chengdu, Chongqing is only 2.5 fold, with go up comparing of phase of the moon, the price is reduced 3 into the left and right sides, all fronts of price of airline ticket of domestic hot line drops. The personage inside course of study introduces, suffer the effect of airline ticket price, case of Shenzhen travel travel expense also begins integral fall after a rise, price of partial route go on a journey already fell to off-season lowermost level.

Lowest of airline ticket discount 2.5 fold

Chongqing 320 yuan, Zhengzhou 420 yuan, Kunming 500 yuan, Shanghai 350 yuan... the reporter's mobile phone received information of similar airline ticket special offer ceaselessly recently, domestic airline ticket is diving considerably recently, a lot of course often can buy the 34 airline ticket that lose lower even discount. Enter after November, the fare that Shenzhen flies to each district in succession " low flies " , the reporter is checked from net of the journey that carry Cheng, before flying to photograph of price of each district airline ticket to compare from Shenzhen at present " 11 " during the golden week, at least cheap 30% above, a lot of once busy season is as high as 8 to fold, the course of total even value, now already is 3 fold sell, many popular line, also begin to contend for depreciate.

"This is the new low price that never has had. " travel bureau of Shenzhen huge state chief says related ticket Wu center, annual November, airline can implement off-season sale strategy, but the discount this year and photograph of in former years compare be lowest, almost all circuitry has a discount.

Travel price follows suit " diving "

According to roc city relevant controller introduces Kang Hui travel agent, quote last month or 4400 yuan 3 gorge swim 4 days, had fallen at present 3500 yuan, fall amount to 20% ; And Chengdu fell 4600 yuan when You Congyuan comes to 9 stockaded village channel 3800 yuan, reduced nearly 800 yuan than last month; Enter become after November " popular " the Hainan of travel circuitry swims also by get on 1500 yuan of the month to fall reach 1300 yuan.

"With go up comparing of phase of the moon, home swims price of almost all circuitry has different rate reduce, average every circuitry reduces nearly 300 yuan. " chief tells a reporter related travel bureau of Shenzhen huge state, in all and popular line, the price fall range of circuitry of channel of 9 stockaded village, 3 gorge is the biggest, and price of circuitry of Hainan, Guilin falls relatively the smallest, with go up comparing of phase of the moon, reduced 100 yuan or so on average.
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