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Airline ticket of Chongqing flying Beijing should go back and forth between Hong
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Suffer aviation off-season influence, chongqing leaves a port price of airliner airline ticket lasts low fan. Yesterday (6) day, the reporter learns from airline, course of Chongqing flying Lanzhou is rolled out first 3 lose airline ticket, only 330 yuan, fare breaks through historical nadir.

As we have learned, chongqing aviation market suffers seasonal effect, relatively fatigued and weak, lead besides seat of honour of business affairs guest smooth outside, go out the half left and right sides that travel guest discharge is fastigium only. Airline rolls out special offer airline ticket, beijing of Chongqing non-stop flight to 3 fold (470 yuan) , big talk 4 fold (480 yuan) , Lanzhou 3 fold (330 yuan) . Introduce according to airline personage, airliner of Chongqing flying Lanzhou has low discount rarely, this head push 3 lose airline ticket, achieve historical nadir.

Airliner of Chongqing flying Hong Kong also rolls out special offer airline ticket, go there and back only 1080 yuan, equaler time saves more than yuan 900. Airline personage warns a citizen, special offer airline ticket had better shift to an earlier date 5~7 day is ordered. The personage inside course of study introduces, at present this kind of state will last for some time, this lunar the middle ten days of a month is met likely to discount of the period of time year ago lower.

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