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Universe travel network cheap airfare is missing the trap 1600
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She found online called "heaven and earth travel network", ordering two tickets on the site and pay a 1,600 yuan. However, Liu did not expect so, now that 1,600 yuan "evaporation" of the. According to Liu reflected the public this month, she and her family going to vacation in Hainan. She searches the Internet and found a "heaven and earth travel network" cheaper fares than the other half of the site, so we ordered two tickets to go Hainan, and online payment of 1,600 yuan. Soon after, Ms Lau said the site call customer service, Sharon has not purchase insurance, the money should be subject to payment of a ticket, on the site after adjusting for the insurance money, and then the rest of the money returned. Liu asked the site first ticket money back, the insurance money she would make up the payments. , Let Ms. Liu did not expect that her ticket money is not returned, and Liu then contact the site customer service, the other phone has no answer to today did not get a ticket. Liu found that deception quickly to the police. According to information provided by reporter Liu, online search for "heaven and earth travel network", and search the many money making on the site is information. Reporter learned from the public security departments in recent years, low discount airline tickets online to sell more cases of fraud have occurred.
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