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Wuhan to Hong Kong next month ticket prices soar out of
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Difficult to get a ticket during Spring Festival each year, facing the railway station in the sea of people, many people choose to fly home. Reporter learned yesterday, although from the New Year and nearly 2 months time, but by the end of January next year, flying hot city of Wuhan, and Wuhan departure of some popular lines minimum discount is only 9 fold. Yesterday, ticket prices go to where network data shows that students return home due to the winter break, a small New Year's Day and Spring Festival holidays, the triple effect in January next year, ticket prices than the Central December soared 50%, while the Spring Festival period, the prices of popular routes high above, cheap air tickets almost weekdays disappeared. According to reports, the Chinese New Year back home with the expansion of the rigid demand, by the end of January from Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to Wuhan, and Wuhan, departing to the northeast, North China, the price of flights have been quick to stand on high. Fly to Beijing, Wuhan, for example, played from January 23 February 1 (Danian xxix), the Internet can buy up to 969 yuan lowest fares, discount off all of the above 9. Tickets starting from Wuhan, Shenyang, Wuhan flights, for example, the lowest current fares can be found online to 1010 yuan, the discount is 6.9 fold, most of the discount flights are more than 7.5 fold, a small amount of flights have been full price. Data show that domestic ticket prices in January showed the basic step upward trend, January 10 is a demarcation point, and after a 10 ticket prices began to rise significantly, 23 January is also a higher node, from the 23 back, Basic ticket prices are high, reached a peak value of 28. "January 28th is the last Friday before the Spring Festival, so, 28 to go home the common choice for many people, which directly push up fares that day." Platform Taobao travel charge of blowing snow. Where net ticket Yang Wei, senior director of product recommendations: Now is the time to find tickets. New Year's plan to buy air tickets home users should be diligent to see price trends, advance booking, round-trip ticket with the purchase.
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