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CAA to visit around the ability to deploy security over the security service w
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Reporter morning from the Civil Aviation Authority was informed that the CAA will form six inspection teams led by the Bureau and, dispatched to the region to supervise the safety inspection. Civil Aviation Authority requirements, the inspection found the super ability to organize production and operation of safety and security of the airlines, Civil Aviation Authority is determined to reduce the total flights, flight routes suspended license. This reporter has learned that the big check for the transport (Universal) airlines, air traffic control agencies, airports, service assurance company and flight training organizations. It is understood that self-examination and examination taken by all units, and the combination of the Bureau inspectors and careful examinations combined with focused manner. According to reports, early morning of August 25 according to the Civil Aviation Authority issued an emergency notice requirements, the civil aviation system units have been started in the first work of checking and correcting themselves security risks, the Civil Aviation Authority and the various regions within the jurisdiction of the Authority has units to carry out security checks. Today, the Chinese leadership led by the Civil Aviation Authority formed a six inspection teams dispatched to carry out safety inspection and supervision of all work areas. "8.24" Yichun crash occurred, the Civil Aviation Authority make every effort to rescue, rehabilitation, cause of the accident investigation. Meanwhile, the Civil Aviation Authority in the early morning of August 25 issued a circular on the rapid, August 26 the industry held an emergency teleconference meeting of air safety, to convey the central leadership's instructions, and the civil aviation system safety inspection to make the deployment, put forward the "Eight investigation, "the specific requirements. Eight specific inspection measures Thinking and understanding of a search focused on checking out the flight, super-safe limit use of resources, blind expansion, investment in safety is not in place, security, extensive management and other issues. Ability to organize on the ultra-security production and management of the airlines, Civil Aviation Authority is determined to reduce the total flights, flight routes suspended license Second, focus on examination of the flight inspection personnel qualifications, maintenance, air traffic control and operation of dispatch positions and other key professional and technical qualifications are not real, the problem is not enough qualification Check its terms and thorough investigation of the three airlines in particular, human-computer ratio of small airlines. Of the rectification is not positive, risk management of the unit is not timely, and resolutely to take administrative measures to meet or administrative penalties Four investigations focus on examination of the safety chain airlines, airports, air traffic control and aviation security units within and between the various units, particularly the airline, maintenance, dispatch and other departments to run the safety chain between the weak points Five key facilities and equipment inspection facilities and equipment checks are complete, the reliability of operation, the availability of backup and contingency plans Six key units and personnel in the investigation of key units, including the establishment of the weak foundation of new airlines, chaos setting up shops, arbitrary institution base, rapid pace of development of the airline, the internal level (including branches and subsidiaries) too much control Bu the unit in place, the main responsibility of reorganization the company is not clear, more units disharmonious factors Seven investigations focus on examination of the quality of training airline personnel transfer model or the captain, put teachers, whether in accordance with the outline of requirements, strict training standards and strict Grade Test Responsibility to implement the eight investigations unit of the main body of the safe production responsibility, leadership responsibility of managers and staff positions at all levels of executive responsibility and supervisory responsibility, will conduct a comprehensive inspection. The combination of rules and regulations and responsibilities, and focus on examination of the implementation of the situation.
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