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Three new regulations 5 aircraft and the following special ticket discount is n
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Recently, Air China, China Eastern, China Southern Civil Aviation in October 31 before the arrival of winter navigation season, have adjusted the points for frequent flyer miles exchange rules. Under the new rules, if the purchase of five members of the public and the following special discount tickets will no longer air accumulated points. In addition, China Eastern has increased the exchange of some standard distance range, the next visitors want to redeem free flights, will become more difficult. Special ticket is no longer accumulated mileage As the three largest and most passenger airlines, Air China, China Eastern, China Southern has a mature membership, respectively. When passengers fly often, according to the standard of accommodation for the accumulation of air miles, when accumulated to a certain number of air miles can be redeemed for free tickets. Recently, three aircraft have been notified in their official website, October 31 after the civil implementation of winter navigation season, frequent flyer program will be changed. Among them, China Eastern and the conversion of accumulated points to adjust the rules of the abolition of class X class of special provisions of air miles can be accumulated (the original 30% according to the standard mileage accumulated), the new rules, only 5 fold more space to total air miles. Similarly, China Southern also to fine-tune the mileage standards to require more than 5 fold class can only accumulated mileage, the other G-7 fold was unified by the economy class cabin standard mileage accumulation, the cumulative proportion of 40%. Air China, the points accumulated Although there is no change in the standard, but it raised the conversion threshold. Previously, members accumulate mileage of 20,000 km or four flight segments during the first exchange with qualifications, and now, membership is only filled with four flight segments, converted only status. Otherwise, even if it is to fly a long distance international long distance, can not be redeemed for free tickets. Passengers points "is shrinking" Redeem tickets in the details, and China Eastern have also been a major adjustment: less than 600 km range in the short-distance routes (such as Shanghai - Qingdao), the former filled with 15,000 km to exchange a pair of Economy Class return air ticket, and now over 12,000 km to can be redeemed. But for the range of 2400 km above the ultra long-haul routes (such as Shanghai - Lhasa), the former can be converted over 35,000 km round-trip ticket in economy class now requires 48,000 km. In addition, the regional flights from Shanghai to Hong Kong, Macao, under the new rules will also be calculated separately, the former can be converted over 26,000 kilometers Shanghai - Hong Kong economy class return air ticket, and now need 38,000 kilometers. In response, some members of Eastern Airlines, said the new rules, with points redeemed for free tickets will be harder than ever. "In the past, if I full price economy class tickets each year, flying from Shanghai to Beijing 40 back and forth, to change 4 on the Shanghai - Hong Kong round trip. Today, these points only enough miles for 2 pairs, we knew it, I Air points are 'shrinking' of. " Provide air tickets at the official website award Under the new rules, there are also some good news for frequent travelers. Such as Air China, China Eastern Airlines have launched activities, as long as the airline frequent flyer official website to purchase tickets, you can get extra mileage. Air China provides members the official website of Air China to buy domestic flights in economy class, will receive an additional mileage of 200 km; buy international flights in economy class, 10 yuan bonus for every 2 km. Eastern side provides the official website members in China Eastern Airlines to increase direct bookings, 30% of the mileage points. Industry insiders, all airlines are now in the development of direct sales, Air China and China Eastern Airlines introduced the above activities, but also hope to expand the ticket on the official website of the direct ratio to reduce dependence on agents and other distribution channels.
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