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About the ABC of visa
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Of visa phyletic
1. The sort of visa basically has: Diplomatic visa, official visa and common visa 3 kinds. Namely of hold diplomacy passport grant diplomacy visa; Of passport of hold official business grant official visa; Hold is common of the passport grant common visa.

2. According to discrepancy situation situation cent is: Leave the country visa of visa, condition of entry visa, discrepancy and reentry condition visa. Leave the country visa, make only hold a witness to leave the country, if need to enter a country, must do entry visa again. Entry visa: Allow only namely hold a witness to enter a country) if need to leave the country, must apply again leave the country visa. Give entry visa, hold a witness to be able to leave the country, also can enter a country again. Enter for many times leave the country visa: Hold a witness to be able to allow to leave the country inside visa period of efficacy.

3. According to discrepancy condition main content cent is: Immigrant visa, blame immigrant visa, study abroad visa, travel visa, job visa, business affairs visa and family member visa.

4. According to time length cent is long-term visa and short-term visa. The concept of long-term visa is, keep 3 months above toward the country afore. Apply for long-term visa no matter its visit a purpose how, need longer application time commonly. The visa that keeps 3 months less than toward the country afore calls short-term visa, apply for short-term visa place to need time opposite shorter.

The visa of our country basically has diplomatic visa, courteous reception visa, official visa and common visa, it is the foreigner that sends application to enter a country.

Visa significant number

Visa besides period of efficacy, retention, still provide significant number. General component is effective visa, mix twice for many times effective visa. The significant number of visa is to show this visa is inside period of efficacy, use with respect to invalidation. Two effective visa, can use twice inside visa period of efficacy namely. For many times effective visa, hold inside visa period of efficacy namely can go out for many times according to the person, into its territory. For example the travel visa of Australia, India is had a plenty of in 3 months perhaps allow for many times to enter inside 6 months leave the country. Some countries suffer employing visa also is to enter a country for many times effective. Sign and issue of course why to plant visa, period of validity how long, significant number how many, according to entering a country the particular case of applicant decides the visagranting office.

Visa period of efficacy

Visa has definite normative pattern, include visa sort commonly, enter a country purpose, resident deadline, date of expiration, and sign and issue an orgnaization, sign and issue official, date and visa charge to wait a moment.
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