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Because fair people assigned aborad applies the average order of foreign visa
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(1) provide valid Chinese passport.
(2) provide necessary papers and picture.
(3) fill in foreign autograph terrified files form (some countries need not fill visa application form) .
(4) when applying foreign visa for on business people assigned aborad, application unit wants examine and verify to concern batch, passport, concerned certificate and the form of foreign visa application that fill in whether requirement of up to specification.
(the unit of visa of 5) application foreign country should have appropriate sends concerned country to be stationed in China the note of diplomatic and consular missions or correspondence.
(6) application unit wait for application form of correspondence, passport, concerned certificate, visa, deliver is stationed in about the country China diplomatic and consular missions.
(7) concerned country is stationed in China diplomatic and consular missions informs the approval that concerns a section according to homeland, send or refus sends visa. A few country is stationed in China diplomatic and consular missions but proper motion careful sends visa, but home wanting a newspaper puts on record.
(8) be stationed in to concerned country China charge of visa of the pay that get a house (some countries are avoided collect certificate fee) .

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