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Compromise the tortious convention of civil aviation safety about checking
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Each signatory considers this joint pledge those who endanger civil aviation security is tortious the security that endangers person and property, affect a flight number badly manage, damage world people's safe to civil aviation trust; Consider producing these action is the thing that your person is deeply concerned badly; Considering to prevent this kind of action, urgent need stipulates proper arrange inflict punishs criminal; The agreement is as follows:

One, if anybody is illegal the ground and intended ground pursue undermentioned action, it is to make guilty travel namely:
(armour) to flying the person inside medium aerostat is engaged in rough stuff, if this behavior will endanger the security of this aerostat;
(second) destroy use medium aerostat or cause damage to this aerostat, make its cannot fly or will endanger its flight security;
(third) be placed inside the aerostat that uses any methodological in use or make others is placed will destroy this aerostat one kind or create the device that attaint makes its cannot fly or will endanger its flight security to its and material to its;
(fourth) destroy or attaint voyage equipment or hamper its work, if this kind of any behavior will endanger the security of the aerostat in the flight;
(the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem) deferent he is known perfectly well is false information, endanger the security of the aerostat in the flight thereby.

2, anybody if he pursues undermentioned action, also be to make guilty travel:
(armour) the purpose makes an any crime that indicate the first times;
(second) be the person that make or attempts to commit this kind of any crime make together.

The 2nd is in this convention:
(armour) aerostat from lade end, engine room is outside when the door already all was shut, each rise, till so that uninstall,open either machine port when till, answer to be considered as to be in the flight; When aerostat forces to descend, be in advocate before authorities takes over control to reach the responsibility that its hold personnel and property to this aerostat, in answering to be thought to still flying.
(second) it is some from ground personnel or aircrew specific rise when the preparation before fly and undertaking flying to aerostat, until after descending 24 hours stop, this aerostat should be considered as in use; For love or money, those who use during should including an aerostat of a regulation of armour fund place is the whole time in the flight.

The 3rd each signatory bear the crime that allow indicates to the first gives severe penalty.

The 4th
One, this convention does not apply to the aerostat that uses for military affairs, custom or police.
2, be in the first the first (armour) , (second) , (third) and (the fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem) indicate each below the circumstance, no matter aerostat is to be engaged in international flight or domestic flight, this convention all answer applicable, as long as:
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