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About the crime inside aerostat and the joint pledge that make certain other con
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This convention signatory agreement is as follows:

Convention of the first chapter limits

One, this convention applies to:
Armour: Violate the crime of criminal law;
Second: Harm or the security that can endanger aerostat or its place to hold personnel or property, or the behavior that endangers the favorable order on aerostat and discipline, no matter whether form criminality.
2, outside dividing stipulator of the 3rd chapter, this convention is applied to in conclude a treaty the crime inside the aerostat that one country registers or the person that commit act, no matter this aerostat is to be in the flight, on high seas, or go up in the other area that does not belong to any national territory.
3, in this convention, aerostat takes off to land from its actuate horsepower stroke ends this for a short while, answer to be considered as to be in the flight.
4, this convention does not apply to the aerostat that uses for military affairs, custom or police.

The 2nd is in not obstructive below the condition of the 4th regulation, and outside unless stem from aerostat and the security that its hold personnel or property,needing, any regulations of this convention all must not are to allow by the explanation or the requirement is opposite political sex criminal law or right with phyletic or the crime of the criminal law that religious branch regards a foundation as, take some kind of step.

The 2nd chapter jurisdictional

The 3rd
One, aerostat registers state-owned authority to make behavior exercise to the crime inside this aerostat and place jurisdictional.
2, signatory should take necessary step, to the crime inside the aerostat that home registers and behavior, those who stipulate its serve as the country that register is jurisdictional.
3, this convention is not repellent the basis is native law exercise criminal is jurisdictional.

The 4th signatory that is not the country that register removes following condition outside, must not undertake intervention to the aerostat in the flight in order to be opposite the guilty exercise inside aerostat its criminal is jurisdictional.
Armour, this criminality is in this country produces consequence on territory;
Second: Convict or victim are this country countryman or in place of this state-owned and permanent house;
Third: This criminality endangers the security of this country;
Fourth, this criminality violates the concerned aerostat flight with this active country or driving regulation or regulation;
The fifth of the ten Heavenly Stem, this country must exercise is jurisdictional, in order to ensure this country according to agreement of some multilateral international, abide by the obligation that its assume.

Pilot of the 3rd chapter influence

The 5th
One, the place flies together before dividing aerostat or book fall to descend the place is not registering a country on territory, or aerostat continues to fly to the blame country that register territorial air, and convict still is outside the circumstance inside aerostat, this section provision does not apply to aerostat to be in the country that register is territorial air, common maritime sky or when in the sky belonging to the other area of any national territory to fly, the crime that produce inside aerostat or happens soon and behavior.
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