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Jot of old China civil aviaton
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  • 1903 (Qing Guangxu 29 years) the plane comes out at Europe, after coming 8 years on January 10, 1911 (clear announce all at the beginning of 2 years December 10) French annulus dragon (Vallon1880-1911) far cross the seas and oceans, carry 3 from Europe with ship revive Mu (Sommerbiplane) biplane reachs form Shanghai, "This history to there is a plane at the beginning of Shanghai " .
    On Feburary 25, bad dragon is in Shanghai turf of business of Jiang Wan China makes a flight perform, this is the plane hovers in the first time of Shanghai sky performance.
  • 1912 (the first year of an era or the reign of an emperor of the Republic of China) on April 13, ever learned the Li Ruyan of the flight in England, drive Aitelike (ETRICH) model Chanyi plane, in Jiang Wan turf makes a flight perform, initiate compatriots is recorded in the flight of Shanghai.
  • On March 10, 1921, airport of Shanghai rainbow bridge is formal build, initiative cover an area of 267 mus. This is the first civil airport of Shanghai.
  • September 1922, shanghai Long Hua airport is protected in Yuan Songhu army make arrange dragon Hua Dacao rebuilds on the foundation of field finish. This is airport of the first for military use of Shanghai.
  • Guangdong air force made preparations on December 4, 1928 civil aviaton.
    On December 18, in the morning 9 when, "Guangzhou " date takes off from Nanchang, that day afternoon 2 when descend Guangzhou. This is our country's earliest aviation mail transportation.
  • On April 17, 1929 grandson name of director of inflict China airline, in developing a company to sign the United States with American aviation " aviation is carried reach aviation to mail Wu contract " , clausal content extremely not perfect, have the dominion of caustic China.
    On May 1, the Chinese airline that Sun Ke of minister of national government railway ministry manages proclaims in Nanjing stop.
    On July 8, the Shanghai that office of government of Shanghai Chengdu airline manages reachs Nanjing paragraph course head boat is successful. This is the line of the first civil aviation of Shanghai throughout history.
    On October 28, american aviation development company signs its and Chinese airline " aviation is carried reach aviation to mail Wu contract " the patent that sets makes over beautiful business China to fly to motion company, cause bound of Chinese civil aviation and postal worker dissatisfaction, hold demonstrate activity in succession, airline of outcry foreign country violates the act of dominion of Chinese territorial air.
  • On July 7, 1937, bridge of channel of Lu of intrude into of Japanese aggressor troops, produce the July 7 Incident of 1937, the course that Chinese airline Shanghai flies to north to make the same score is forced grounding of aircraft.
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