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Thanksgiving U.S. airport security provoke outrage demanding
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Annual Thanksgiving Day (fourth Thursday in November, or 25 days) is an American special holiday, millions of Americans to dinner with friends and family to celebrate Thanksgiving the traditional way. Estimated 4100 million people in the United States will have a Thanksgiving trip by plane, the situation can imagine how busy airports. According to "USA Today" reported that as the threat of terrorist attacks on European and American airports, the Federal Transportation Security Administration in November started strict security measures, including the three major New York area airports, 62 major airports across the United States opening of X-ray body scan machines, there are already 300 of the detailed outline of the body can show the machine in use, another 450 machines will be installed during the year. End of next year increased to 1,000 units, the scanner worth about $ 170,000 each. Passengers are only two options: If you do not accept the X-ray body scan, you need to accept "personal checks" that security personnel can be on the passenger "body shot touch", including the chest, hips and all other sensitive areas, the elderly, patients, and 12 years old more children are no exception. U.S. security since the implementation of new regulations, many people complain that this is simply personal checks "without dignity" to the elderly wheelchair, or have a physical installation of auxiliary medical devices for patients, it is complaining. The Internet with millions of hits a video where a shy young boy is being searched by security personnel check a few times his father had not been able to convince the security staff, and ultimately angry father took off his shirt the child, to the security staff But the little boy finally topless accepted search. Launched a nationwide protest against the American people Thanksgiving is traditionally the year in the U.S. the busiest travel days, and visitors only two choices: X-ray body scan or accept the "touch the body check." Protests across the country held the day before Thanksgiving. Critics called the November 24 "National Day chose not to scan" to encourage a large number of Thanksgiving travelers to fly refuse to use body scanners, choosing instead to take longer, making the body more offensive physical examination. This may result in paralysis of the airport, to achieve the purpose of the protesters. United States, "Civil Liberties Union" and "American Travel Association," the website is full of complaints about public policy on the security message. Face book famous microblogging (Facebook) and Twitter (Twitter) is also full of angry smoke; consumer organizations also called for a boycott of the new body scanner, select the body making the body more time-consuming checks. Bob protest organizers told the media that the Transportation Security Administration "completely ignore" the new procedure may give rise to privacy and health risks, is a violation of human rights. New security rules unreasonable to complain more and more people, some people do not travel by plane movement was launched, it was open, "we do not fly" and other sites, do not call before Thanksgiving travelers to fly. Some travelers decide to use alternative methods, including self-conscious in public stripping off underwear, generously allow the security officer of the implementation of a silent protest. A woman will be in 西雅图西泰克 the airport, make Zhefan bold move, also on the security camera on the counter, shot her down during the entire strip and put online. After an interview she said, instead of being intimidated by security personnel and humiliation, she would rather take the initiative to strip, to accept the whole process of being checked. Obama himself to mobilize the people to strict security November 24 morning, Obama according to the traditional White House Rose Garden in a ceremony called the pardon a turkey. U.S. presidential pardon turkey tradition started in 1947, President Truman was in office. Obama to take this opportunity to greet people across the country, wishing them Happy Thanksgiving. Also remind the public for national security, to accept the strict airport security. On the same day, the Federal Transportation Security Authority Pistole told U.S. television, said: "We will not change its policy. Very clear, it is invasive, is uncomfortable, but for national security, the two kinds of security measures are necessary, and finally this is the balance between security and privacy issues. "As the protests, visitors are expected to experience delays. He explained that the Transportation Security Administration to deploy adequate personnel in airports around the country ready to do a good job dealing with chaos. Federal Transportation Security Administration officials said that the council staff will be canceled during the holidays a long vacation to supply sufficient manpower at all airports, passengers travel as far as possible without delay. But for the majority of visitors, does not agree with the above statement, because the security team is still waiting for very long. Some people stay more than three hours at the airport, the airport have complained about harsh security.
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