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Beijing should be built " the airport on the net "
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Li Peiying of president of company of group of Beijing capital airport puts forward 7 days, to break the district dividing line between the airport, extend cooperative space, beijing should build network airport.

The International Airport association that Li Peiying holds in Beijing (branch of ACI) Pacific Ocean expresses 0 2 years on seminar of Chinese airport problem, world goose-step enters new economy period, IT and network economy grow flourishingly, cause certain impact to traditional industry, this needs means of original to the airport Wu of administrative pattern kimono to undertake a series of changing. "The airport on the net " will break district dividing line, to build firm strategic partner the relation lays a foundation.

It is reported, civil aviaton is in last for years, rapid development while, also encountered a few problems. If be handled in the formation of computer network system, the information content that boat of the whole people did not form standard of one a complete set of reachs the flow of processing and operating sequence, in information field lack consolidates management, create news consequently not complete, forbid. Accordingly, system of centralized airliner information network is built inside countrywide limits already extremely urgent.

Come 20 years, chinese civil aviaton uses the construction that foreign government borrows money inside to invest nearly one billion two hundred and fifteen million seven hundred and fifty-two thousand one hundred and ninety-two yuan, build, change (enlarge) build, change built the airport more than 70, formed network of line of the international that is start with the city such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, home basically.

Current, the carriage airport of chinese mainland be open to navigation or air traffic 142, can satisfy the 4E class airport that Boeing falls since 747 planes among them 22, can rise fall the airport of 737 above type 97, open to the outside world the airport 31.

0 199 years passenger handling capacity achieves 120 million person-time, grow 25.9 than 1978 times. As system of socialist market economy build, airport management is being moved toward stage by stage commercialize, the enterprise is changed and commercialize. Current, airport of Gao Qi of yellow cropland of bridge of rainbow of Beijing capital, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Xiamen is successful already change make appear on the market for share the airport.

Future 10 to 15 years, potential of development of estate of Chinese civil aviaton is tremendous, grow the rate that carries average growth with aviation of prep above world. Join WTO as China, management of Chinese airport operation will quicken the pace that conforms with international, and this international seminar cooperates in the round with what accelerate organization of Chinese airport course of study and International Airport to expanding will have positive effect, it will alter the development strategy of formulate airport through the auxiliary technology such as computer network, improve standard of airport management, service, raise a passenger to be spent to the satisfaction of the airport thereby.
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